Thursday, July 2, 2009

Artists Collaborative Lockdown

15 Craftspeople x 3days= Infinite possibilities
Sound like fun??! I have been invited by the Ontario Crafts Council to be one of the artists this year participating in the "artists lockdown". We begin on July 21st and I will be blogging about the event as it is happening and taking pictures of the craziness. The work we create (a series of one-of-a-kind collaborations in several craft media) will then be exhibited at the Ontario Crafts Council Gallery and auctioned to support the OCC programming schedule. The exhibtion will be over the International Day of Felt so I am hoping to create at least one piece in the themed colours (as well as the other work I plan on for Felt United- agricultural installations). The lockdown should be interesting and I am sure it will push me in many ways. I have asked other artists to create work for me to incorporate into my own, but I have never been forced to share an artistic vision. My friend, Jane, has been invited as well so at least there will be a familiar presence! I will keep you posted!

Today, I am looking through sketch books, books, magazines, photographs and gathering inspiration for my next pieces. I may actually create a textural 2D piece. I have not created a wall piece in ages. Maybe not...I also feel like making myself a cute, funky bag to go with some great leather handles I bought. I also have paperwork, 3 boys to feed and amuse and other things to do, but that doesn't sound like near as much fun! (except the boys part...they are almost always fun)

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