Friday, July 24, 2009

Final day of "Spark"

Well, I have not been so great at keeping you all posted, have I?! We have had a great few days and late nights. My hands are devoid of any surface ridges and I am running on caffeine and artist adrenaline...the kind that keeps your head spinning and wakes you in the middle of the night with ideas swimming about. Spark, indeed. The internet connection in the studio (a fabulous barn converted into a glass blowing studio) is touch and go so posting pictures has been slow. People have been exploring precious metal clay, flame work and glass blowing. I. of course, have been felting (and felting and felting) and some others have been as well. Actually, I think almost everyone has done some felting. We have one more full day and I am hoping to get an early start and work on some blown glass "seeds" to make a coats for them in a grouping or " seed colony". I am attempting to attach an image of a pod I created over a cool blown glass form Mark made (our kind host!) It is filled with Lentils and wool and encased in felt a la Andrea. The Lentils where Jim's idea...truly an artistic collaboration. The only piece I have made this trip that I am happy with! Davoud has devised a create way to felt (he was so excited about his "machine") and Jim and Caitlin loom over the loom! I made some felted pieces for some copper clay jewelry made by talented Shannon.. more to F-E-L-T.
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Cynosure Jewelry Shannon Kennedy & Juan Bohorquez said...

Still have to finish pieces!! Miss the artistic energy! Can't wait to see you end of September. Will bring Copprclay. Have inspiration for ceramic and felt ball piece. Love red!

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time to relax
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