Saturday, July 11, 2009

Funky pins

Four fun-ky pins to dress up some great jackets I got at a killer sale. I wear a generally neutral (black and grey) wardrobe and have a few special pieces and dress them up will funky jewelry either made by me or by other favorite artists. I made these last night and today and I will be taking the necklace I posted a while back to be strung properly tomorrow. I will have lots of fun things to wear when I teach/travel/etc. They are really fun. I thought about putting them on etsy, but think I will keep 'em!

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OliTa said...

Absolutely fantastic pins, Andrea !

krex said...

Yeah ! Love all that texture and color , a great alternative to the "felted flower" pins .(looks like more fun to make as well)

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time to relax
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