Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Dance

It's a good day. My fibre arts group came and we had a wonderful presentation by Toronto artist, Sandy Groeber (currently an MFA student at OCAD). She shared her sketches on wood (a departure from her figurative paintings) and fine hand carved sculptures inspired by ribs, structure, canoes, so much more, and gave us some direction for inspiration. A sincere "Thank You" to Sandy and for Hana for inviting her. Truly food for thought and connections that I think will reach beyond today. Speaking of food, I am dining on left-over potluck goodies (yum-curried deviled eggs!)
I also received word that my piece "Adaptations" has been juried into stage I of the "Out of the Box" exhibition in Cheongju, South Korea to take place at the Cheongju Biennale in September. While it is truly and honour to get to this stage, I really do hope it makes it to the next stage. The challenge, at this point, is having my piece arrive within their required window on the other side of the planet for stage II. I am hopeing if they have asked to have it sent that they will keep it (naive, perhaps, but one can hope!)

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Jasmine said...

Good luck with the competition.

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time to relax
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