Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ready for "Stitching Day"

I am chair of a group called the Kingston Fibre Artists. There are 16 members. All fabulous artists and a huge personal inspiration to me. An amazing group of women that I am so lucky to be part of. Today we are having a potluck "Stitching day" here at my place. Some just chat, some stitch, but we always enjoy good food and good company. Today we have a guest coming to talk about "creating a series".

I have the house all tidy so am showing you my dining/living area. I am standing in the kitchen. I love the open concept. You can see my desk to the left. This is where I am sitting on my computer now. I created this space so I could be where all the action is for my boys who are always running about. This is a bot of a curse as my computer is just too accessible at times. The desk top is glass over top of a mosaic I made based on an old batik pattern my mother had. The shelves have a few things that have special meaning and on the walls by my desk, a few small paintings by local artists. The large colourful painting on the main wall in the living room is by an artist, Mark Graham. Same name as my husband, coincidentally! This was commissioned in the memory of my best friend who died in Dec. 2001.
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time to relax
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