Monday, October 5, 2009

FELT UNITED- "Harvest"

These are the 2 images I have seen so far from my shoot with Tracy Olan of Beautiful Day
Perhaps an explanation is in order...I have been working for some time now on organic form in my art that, to me, is much about the politics of food, the safety of food and the terrible things our consumer culture does to the environment.
For the International Day of Felt, the required colours to work in were red/orange/yellow. I decided to create and installation/performance piece for this day that would then also be part of my solo exhibtion in March. I am pictured harvesting my pods from the garden and collecting strange 'eggs' from the nests of hens as if I am simply doing this as a course of my daily rountine, as people who grow food do everyday. I think so few people think about if what we have done to our food on the inside was manifested in it's appearance, our food would not be something we would readily accept. Are we aware of what is grown right in to our pesticide laden foods? If you could see it, what would it all look like? I had a thought of me harvesting these in a haz-mat suit...overstating the issue. I don't know.
Thanks to Rick and Janet (and the "girls") of Cedarstone Acres
and Frank the Farmer and keeper of beautiful sheep for the use of their farms.
A very special Thanks to Tracy who can expect big things ahead. She has a fabulous eye.
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Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right said...

Oh,Andrea, I always love reading your blog posts. You always make me think (and the good Lord knows that I need to do more of that!)You know what they say, "Use it, or lose it!" :-)

Your friend, Tracy, does amazing photography work. I'm going to check her site more in depth, just as soon as I finish a hat that I'm working on for a friend's birthday...Tonight...Hope she likes them soggy!

I don't have a clue how to blog, but I did post a few pictures on my flickr account of my FeltUnited Day. If I'd written a blog, I would have had to say, "Why or why do I always wait until the last minute (see hat note above!)to do things? I finished painting my new studio space the night before, got four hours of sleep, and starting moving felt items in in the wee hours of the morning. Good thing I was running on adrenaline (sp), or I'd have been snoozing during the celebration!
Here's a link to my photos.

Thank you for your always inspiring words. You're a dear.

Take care,
Dawn Edwards

Ginga Squid said...

So cool - looks like those yummy red potatos! Cant wait to see more shots! Fabulous!

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