Friday, November 20, 2009

Fairy Grant-Mother

Whew! As membership dues become due (has it been a year already?), giving campaigns begin and show fees and expenses roll, in my bank account counts down. I picture a digital counter with the bleeping and blipping sound from the show "24" not far from self destruct. Just in the nick of time, I receive notification that I have been "recommended" for an exhibition grant. The process involves applying to a recommender designated by the Ontario Arts Council (in this case) and then the ball is in their court to send a cheque. I am so relieved that I can now order invitations and budget for my hanging expenses in March.

On the go:
"Naked"- group exhibition at the Carnegie gallery in Dundas (March)
"Body + Object"- invitational group exhibit at the OCC gallery, Toronto (Jan)
"Inspiration and Exploration"- group exhibit, Kingston (March)
"Fiberart International"- Juried exhibition, Pittsburgh (April)
"Adaptations"-solo show, John Parrott gallery, Belleville, Ontario (March) committments. Yikes. can you say overwhelmed!

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time to relax
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