Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's New and the Wall of Yum

What's new...
I have not felted the last couple of days, but NO this does not mean I have not been working. I am always working...I eat, sleep and live felt. Today I sat for a while and sketched and planned, which morphed into something else. I have a meeting tomorrow and am not in the studio Friday, so the idea will percolate a little longer before I drive into the soapy water. I have actually been organizing my space, going through baskets of long forgotten fibres and odds and ends that just take up space in my head that I do not have to spare.

Wall of Yum
I organized my wool wall and even with all this, I have a "need to buy list" once I have some cash flow. Thinking of selling a kidney for some more Karakul.

The wool wall divides 2 spaces. Behind the wall is my "store", Acorn's Journey, and on *this* side is the studio with my big custom table, another tall long table and my other shelves. I am having a sink put in very soon (the plumber has been too busy to make little ol' me a priority) and, once I claim the store space in March (I am selling), a counter and storage will run along the wall under my window. Well, enough dreaming..back to work.

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Unknown said...

"Wall of Yum" is the greatest name for that pic. Your stash is so nice looking. I wish mine was that big. Good luck with the sale of the business.

Ginga Squid said...

Hey Andrea - mega nice wool wall!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Thank you, thank you very much.

julietk said...

Very yummy,great space you have :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I am dreaming of a wall like that! I love to see my wool on display, I think it keeps the creative ideas flowing. And it is a bit like a good drug sometimes!

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time to relax
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