Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Woman's Perogative... to change her mind, right?
Well, I am too excited about my pods so decided to show a sampling! I am not pleased with the 2d piece in the works (previously posted) I was trying to create stuff to fill walls instead of following my heart and just letting things happen. I need to not be inside my head when I enter the studio and not over think my composition before I get there. When starting new work, I like to purge my studio walls of all reminders of past scraps, no pieces waiting to be finished, no photographs of a landscape I might like to get to "some day". I have printed out images from my inspiration file that deal only with the direction of this exhibit and put them on the wall I can see from my table. I also did a few simple sketches and will just allow my creative self to take over. Year before last, I had a show every month of the year (although not solo shows) and I remind myself that I just "made" without considering what had to go where and trusted it would all fit together in the time it needed to, and it did. With the task ahead, I think the same approach may be the best plan!
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Unknown said...

I love those pods ... so pleased you changed your mind ...thanks for sharing.

Mattie van den Heuvel said...

They are beautiful! I specially like the black and yellow ends on the first one. Makes them look animal like.

Ginga Squid said...

Very cool! I especially like the stripy tailed one on the left.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

I like the stripey one, too. I did a similar design in a workshop and we were calling it a bandikoot. I am sure a bandikoot looks nothing like this, but it was fun to say.

Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right said...

Good morning Andrea,

Thank goodness for that woman's perogative thing. Your pods are beautiful and I always appreciate not just your work (which is fantastic), but the thought processes that go into the preparation for your work. Clearing your mind and studio of past thoughts/work to open up and allow for a new vision. Thank you for sharing...You always make me think, which is a great way to start the day.

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