Monday, November 2, 2009

Making more sense?

Sorry it is a rush this morning!

I am looking forward to finishing the layout of this piece and will start to wet it out this morning. The wool is on the course side of medium. The base is a batt of mixed breed wool from Birkeland Bros. I like it because it felts well, once it wets out, and it is inexpensive! I think I will give them a call today and order some more. It is perfect for wall pieces and home decor stuff. Note the stormy grey sky? It's because I am out of blue! I am expecting it any day. The landscape in the centre will have more detail and the "plates" will have another few steps. The silverware will be stitched on after and I need to go to Value Village and find another old tarnished set like the one shown. I am feeling better about the piece since yesterday and am excited to get the boys to school and come back home to work!
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time to relax
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