Thursday, November 5, 2009


There ya' go. Simple form. Monochrome. Organic. Wow.

I was teaching last spring at one of my favorite places, New England Felting Supply, and wonderful felt friend, Jess, created a resist feature on her pod/pillow that I knew struck a familiar chord with me. Soon after, I found this image in my inspiration file and it was such an example of how we can create from a place inside and it is like we are channeling another world. Just love it. I plan on my own twist, taking inspiration from this beautiful form and then making it my own.

Tomorrow is also a big day. I find out if the person I am hoping to buy my business is going to proceed. I hope she does as it would be such a good fit with so much potential. Baby steps.

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Tracy said...

Sending you good vibes ...before I tuck in tonight. I hope it goes just the way you want it to. Good luck with it all, as it unfolds.

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time to relax
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