Monday, April 5, 2010

And I'm off!

Off to the races, as they say. I have lots of things to organize tomorrow and then Wednesday I am off to New England Felting Supply to teach 2 days of Dimensional Landscapes and then 2 days Finnwool Bags. This is my first "away" teaching gig this year as I come out of my winter studio hibernation and begin a shorter list of teaching engagements than last year. I was gone way too much last summer and vowed to be home more with my family this year. I have still managed to fill my agenda with exhibits and other arty things and it just means that those who want a workshop will have to come to me or wait a bit! I have some exciting things in the works that are sprouting and I will keep you posted as they come to full bloom. In the meantime, the smell of spring tells me that it is time to pack up, roll down the windows for the long drive and see my friends to the south. I look forward to meeting some new students, sharing what I know and learning along the way, as the wool always has something new to say. I'll keep you posted, as always....
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softearthart said...

Hi Your little fish is a cutie, cheers from New Zealand Marie

Pam de Groot said...

You must be on the exact opposite side of the world to me. I feel winter closing in. The days are suddenly much shorter, cooler and all the leaves are falling. Enjoy your summer. I'll be looking forward to my next one.

dorie said...

wish I could be there to learn about the 3D landscapes, but to make such a cross over isn't possible yet. Maybe once you will fly to Europe, or even the Netherlands...?
Interesting 'the wool has always something to say' - hope it brings you a lot of stories! Have a great time in teaching.

Laura Chu Burke said...

Andrea, thanks so much for a wonderful class on dimensional felting. Can't wait to sign up for the "pod" class!!!
I posted some pix on facebook and on my blog

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time to relax
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