Friday, May 7, 2010

Catching up!

Is it possible?! Is it possible to catch you up with the last..oh...week, when I can't even recall who I have seen, what I have done, where I have gone?! What a whirlwind. I did complete a post the other day about an event in Toronto, only to briefly navigate away and lose the post moments before I had to head out the door once again. My camera is in my monster purse in my car right now, or else I could do a quick download of the images from an(other) opening last night. I do promise I will post images before the weekend comes to an end and I have even more to report.

This time of year is always so busy with kids end-of-year projects putting me over the edge as far as time stretching. All this craziness is largely self-inflicted and I wonder when I am going to find the perfect balance. I think I do pretty well most of the time, but with life's little events, it is never really in our control as much as we like to belive it may be. It also never fails that the teaching gigs I have had booked for over a year fall right smack in the middle of important kid events not yet imagined at the time. Whining? Certainly not. Challanging? Indeed. Giving my self permission to be imperfect? Always!

Oh, look at my post 2 posts ago and check out the youtube film from Kollaboration! I think you all missed it, as there are no comments! Maybe you are just all speechless!

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Twiglet said...

What an inspirational blog - I will be back. Thank you

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time to relax
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