Tuesday, May 4, 2010

*New* Studio

C'mon in!!

View from the corner

From the doorway

View from the sinks...(doorway is my storage room)

As I had mentioned, I moved my store out of my space and I now have more room (Ahhh!). I love my "other" business and I will happily pass it on to only the most worthy of people, but I have been a bit stiffled by having it in my creative space. I have a few orders to fill right now (that will get done tomorrow), but my studio space must be my creative space. I can no longer walk in and be reminded of anything other than that!
As you can see, I have a way to go. The wall under the window will be build out around over the pipe and I will put up some cork board or tiles. The ceiling around my window needs to be finished. My machine (now in the garage) will be on the long grey table and I will be adding a 4 ft. table on the end of the existing table. I also have a large folding table that I can move in when needed. I will cover the long "counter" with some pretty plastic (oxymoron). I have a small storage area that right now has some completed work waiting to go to galleries (and there is a bag I am still trying to get done on the table!) I am well on my way to reclaiming this space and I'm pretty happy.

Tomorrow I am headed to Toronto for the Maker Shaker with my friend Jane and her two doggies, Fish and Chips.
Thursday I have the opening for the Kingston Arts Council Juried Arts Salon. Will I ever get in that studio!?

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Lindsey said...

Wow! looks great Andrea.

Unknown said...

Wonderful space Andrea. Nice job on putting in the sinks. I'm getting my fingers soapy with some wet felting now too and I really want to try a bag. That one looks really nice.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Well, it's just Black right now! It is a commission for a gallery owner in Pittsburgh. I am determined I will get it done by this weekend! Thanks, Linds!

Shalana, the funky felter said...

Wonderful studio! My basement studio space is very cluttered right now. I need to de-stash and reorganize. I love the tables that you have lining the walls. Great, simple solution for added work space. Thanks for the peak into your world and the organizing ideas :)

Anonymous said...

Love the look of your studio. Nice amount of space. Bet you need it once you have projects on-the-go. Isn't it wonderful to have a "space" to create in!
Enjoy seeing your work!

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time to relax
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