Saturday, May 22, 2010


(above: 2 bags made with C-1/Pelsull)

Hi All,
I have had several questions (here and on Facebook) about what type of wool I use for bags. I am currently using the C-1/Pelsull blend from New England Felting Supply. There are colours on their website, but I believe they have had additional colours blended, so it is best to call or email and ask. I am waiting now for my wholesale order from them and if you want to buy a larger volume, I would ask if this option is available to you.
I have mentioned before my utter love for Finn wool, but it is not consistantly available and the C-1/Pelsull is more affordable. What I love to do as well is mix in a layer of faster felting fibres, like the Finn (ahhh) or merino. It speeds up the process and gives the piece some great pebbled texture. The C-1/Pelsull is slower to start (than finer wools such as merino), but once things start to happen, it goes quickly. I like to use a bit warmer water than I normally would with finer wools and a good hit of dish soap makes a difference with this courser wool, I find. It is also great on it's own. I use it, or it in combination for everything from wall pieces, rugs, home decor, vessels, bags...anything you may need a sturdy, tight felt. Hope this is helpful. I must disclose that Chris, the owner of NEFS (and author of Uniquely Felt) is a close friend, but I receive no financial benefit for my endorsement! She carries a ton of different wools, so my "three cheers" for C-1/Pelsull has nothing to do with that. I just really want people to choose the correct wool for their project!
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Shalana, the funky felter said...

Forgive my ignorance, but what does "C-1" stand for? I've used several kinds of sheep's wool for felting, spinning, etc., but I'm not familiar with that. It is one of those things that once you tell me, I will probably recognize it or understand ;O)

By the way, I love all your bags! With the baby, I seem to only have time for little projects here and there now. I long for a span of time again where I can make a larger item like a purse. Yours are great inspiration :)

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Lol, hmmm...what is C-1. I will have to get back to you on the coles notes explanation!

Unknown said...

Many many thanks for sharing this info! Love the bags!

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