Thursday, May 27, 2010

Off to Alberta

Well, in searching for images of Olds, Alberta (near Calgary) I found images of vast wheat fields, bison pooping, tractors, and lots of snow. I have opted for the above image of the college where I will be teaching at a conference as it is a tad more cosmopolitan!

I am currently packing and trying very hard to fit everything in my carry on. My desire to pack some of my own food is creating some challenges. I have decided to err on the side of caution and am assuming my little cans of tuna may be deemed to be in the "liquids" category and I have crammed them in the itty bitty, appropriately (albeit unreasonably) sized ziplock with the broken zipper due to my attempts to fit one more item on several occasions.

I was actually born in Calgary and wish I had some time to tool around and see if my old home and school are still standing and try to connect with some family and old friends. I see they expect snow tomorrow, so I will be anxious to leave (just kidding) But, I will need to get home for a trip to Toronto for an AGM and then back to Saskatchewan.

In any case, I have bought a good book for the long flight (don't know where that will go yet- hardcover, of course )and I will be an obedient passenger. I look forward to making some outrageous needle felted figures with 20 eager students in Alberta. No room for the cowbay hat, ladies, but I'll bring a carrot for the bison (do they like carrots?)

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Unknown said...

Good luck on your trip. They sell awesome cowboy boots in Calgary!

Anonymous said...

Hope you will have lots of fun, and your book can get into your handbag.
you are a felter.. you could just make a bigger handbag couldn't you?

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Lol! I have just made 5 bags, but were all sent out today! Making things "For me" always comes last. Good thought, Elis. I think I will make something "just for me" when I come home! Oh, after I get ready for an exhibit, and after...

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

Grinding my teeth that you will be in Calgary in June when I can't get there until July! And you were born there? Me too.

(insert It's a Small World chorus here)

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