Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I knew it was coming, but I just had to get another bag done (and as it ends up, I don't like this one, of course) I am a total "hands-on" felter. I try to rub with plastic bags on my hands. Gloves are completely out of the question (yuck! who would wear gloves to felt?) But I need to, and want to, feel the felt and the wool change under my hands.
I know it doesn't look so bad and that I am a big baby :o), but they bleed at the slightest rubbing. Soooo, this means no rubbing today and with a trip to Calgary to teach at weekend I may not get another bag done before I go. I will lay one out ready to go, just in case things heal quickly and I can make the time!
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Maria Dent said...

Bless.... I was the same last week. Loads of moisturising and massageing to help the healing process and you should be ready to start again.

Unknown said...

0w, that looks sore. Have you tried Bag Balm? It's greasy and stinks but seems to work. (It's a farm product for dairy cows udders)

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

I'm not a big fan of "products", but aveeno makes a great hand cream that works wonders. Thanks!!:o)

Trudis said...

I always use a 100% pure olive oil. A little bit greasy, but it helps!
Good luck at the weekend.
Hasta luego.

Leedra said...

It seems our hands get the rough treatment no matter what we do. When I work with stained glass the tips of my fingers are split all the time. Just knitting with wool so much dries them real bad. Now that I am beginning to wet felt you show me what I have to look forward to. Sure the hands will have to take rest between stained glass and knit/felting.

Anonymous said...

Reading through your last posts, you make me laugh. gosh you work hard.
your hands look painfull indeed but they will get better soon if you do make them do too much hard work.
Take good care of yourself Andrea.

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