Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feeling Mean

I personally believe that Oscar is misunderstood- a creative genius seeking acceptance. Just my opinion.

I am feeling mean today for standing my ground. As a rule, I just want everyone to be happy (delusion #1). Second, I expect certain aspects of my business to be concrete (Yup, delusion #2)
And, as an artist and business person, I expect to make more than minimum wage...need I say it?

I wonder if Oscar can find some space for me in his can today?! From what I recall it is pretty spacious :o)

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Brittan said...

I don't think those are delusions, just challenging goals... As an artist, I understand where you are coming from. It is difficult to market yourself and get a fair wage for your creative effort/work (I am still working on that one). Good luck, hope it all works out and hope you feel better.

Unknown said...

Because it is art, people seem to expect to get it for next to nothing. Art has been cheapened by commercialism.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

I'm just having an Oscar the Grouch day. I know it comes with being human. In the end, it has all been worked out!

vilterietje said...

Dear Andrea,
Today is your Oscar in the can day,
Tomorrow may deserve an Oscar.
Love, Riet

Ginga Squid said...

I think that 4 elephants also live in there (according to the DVD I was watching with my kiddies the other day) - so it must be pretty spacious? Maybe not that tidy though? And most likely a bit smelly...

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