Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Three Hundred

Wow! There are 300 of you that are now "following" my BLOG! Awww, gee. Thanks so much!

Not sure how it happened, but I guess you told 2 friends and they told 2 friends, and so on...and so on. In any case, I am so happy you are all here to listen to the bitching, occasional condescension (sorry) and me on my soap box but, most of all, to see my process in trying to produce good work and live my life as a full-time artist.

I think putting it all here (in almost 500 posts) has helped me take a birds-eye view of my art practice and really consider how little time I spend in the studio. What I do has evolved as needed to accommodate family and other demands such as teaching and my own learning. I feel, once again, that I am shifting gears as I keep my galleries in stock and seek some opportunities for some commission installation work. Once I complete my artist in residency, I have several winter months to nest, hole up in the studio and lose myself. I can't wait.

I love to teach feltmaking. I enter an alternative universe and wonder where the day went. It all just seems to happen! That being said, it is a significant draw on my energy and charging up for the next run means some down time that is elusive of late! I teach a 2 days bags class this weekend and will post images of what we create. After that it is my studio time and I look forward to sharing it all with you...all 300 of you!

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Joan Kirton said...

Congratulations!! Look forward to seeing you back here after you have recharged your batteries.

vilterietje said...

In Holland we say: PROFICIAT! (means:congratulations) I hope you will have a lovely creative winter and still enjoy your workshops.
Love, Riet

Trudis said...

Wow 300 followers, you deserve it! You're a great artist! I'm always looking forward to see new things of you.
Enjoy it! CariƱos de Trudis

Miek said...

It's cool to be follower 301.
Keep up the good work.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Thanks all...and to 301 ;o)

Andrea Graham-Artist said...
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Plastusia said...

Congratulations! This is great score! Your works deserve it! When I created my own blog one year ago, I wonder if anybody would like to visit it. Ceramic- and feltmaking it is a hobby for me, everyday I work in quite other job, but I love making so. Now I have 100 followers.

Anonymous said...

It's always nice to discover your newest blogpost. I follow you by RSS feed. :D

cedar said...

You are definitely deserving, you post great pics and you post regularly and I go almost daily to see what you have been up congrats and keep on keeping on...

miri davidovitz said...

Congratulations - Mazal Tov :)

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time to relax
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