Friday, October 15, 2010

What lies ahead...

I spent the day packing up for 2 days of teaching in a great space that is actually almost next door. I am loving the short commute! I still need to pick up some items, but I am ready to go to teach 11 students 'Felted bags with 3D elements'. I hope they are all ready to work hard!

Now, I know you are wondering. The image above is of a heart stopping, mouth watering, artery clogging, salty, fatty plate of yumminess. This, my readers, is a popular Canadian dish called "poutine": fries, cheese curd, gravy.

I have been trying to get a little more fit after being painfully aware that my skinny jeans were feeling a little too, well, skinny. This being said, I am now craving everything I should not be eating. Isn't that always the way?? It just so happens that there is a brand new place in town dedicated to the culinary delights of poutine. I will happen to be a couple of blocks away from it's doors this afternoon and have made the decision to check it out with the kiddos. Big question is will we walk the couple of blocks or drive. I really should save my energy for the weekend, no?

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Unknown said...

Fortunately, you'll have some students to share an order with. That way, you can satisfy your craving for one of our national culinary treasures, without too much guilt. Looking forward to pictures of your students' work.

vilterietje said...

Just walk and get that stuff!!!
It's too good to leave it.
Lots of luck with teaching.
Love, Riet

Fi said...

What fantastic comfort food that looks. I can't believe anyone as stylish as you would eat it. Bet you do though. Over here (UK) we have chips with curry sauce!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Oh, Fiona, you make me laugh. DO stylish people eat poutine? A wonderful question.

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time to relax
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