Monday, October 4, 2010

Contracts...always have one.

No matter how informal things seem, or if you are doing business with a friend...always draw up a simple contract. I had a recent situation where I received a contract and was surprised to see a few gaps that were an issue...they were never resolved after several communiations and I moved on. Business is business.

I recently saw a flyer advertising an upcoming workshop I am teaching for a group and there were several major errors that would have never been there had I been sent the information for approval. No biggie, it's all good and getting figured out. This being said, we are still fine tuning things and have not yet put together a contract, which would include things like approval of marketing materials...Good lesson for me to follow my own advice. Yes, we are artists, but we are also business people. If someone scoffs at a contract, they do not take your business of being an artist seriously. It's just smart business to have a contract...'nuff said!

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vilterietje said...

Andrea you're quite right!
Some people think that artists are fools, but we're not, maybe a bit naive.
Love, Riet

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

It's not even a matter of being thought of as fools, but not being considered on the same plane as other small business.

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time to relax
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