Thursday, November 4, 2010

Production mode

Not exactly planned production, but how it has turned out! A gallery where I show in neighbouring Belleville has added a gallery shop, the OCC guild shop has asked for a ton more stuff and another local-ish gallery is another new addition. So, between the three of them, I have been busy making scarves, bags and hats....when I did not think I really made scarves bags and hats. Oh, the irony.

Once I finish this holiday season "production" madness, I really look forward to getting back to completely frivolous, non-functional, won't match your sofa Art! I have a call for entry for the end of the month and an invitational exhibit in Pittsburgh that I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into!

Tomorrow I head to Cornwall to attend the Artrepeneur Conference where I will be speaking as part of an artists panel. I agreed because one of my favorite public radio guys will be on the panel too. Promised my son an autograph. Big salad for lunch and now time to see what I can get laid out in the next hour before I switch hats!

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Patty Biermans said...

You are so busy!! How do you make time for yourself or is that nog necessary? I wish that I had the energy! Wish you lots of fun with all you're "things" (don't know the right word in english, sorry) Greetings....Peebee

vilterietje said...

Well Andrea, what a lot of work you have finished. Hope you sell all of it at people which respect art!
Love and good luck, riet

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

It helps that "time for myself" includes felting. My job is what I do for fun, too!

time to relax

time to relax
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