Monday, November 15, 2010

Shipping out...

Copper and teal clutch bag. I really like these colours together.
Lay out

Spiky creture bag


I feel like it has taken me forever, but I have just shipped an almost complete order out to The Guild Shop in Toronto located in swanky Yorkville. Go ahead, say "swanky", you know you want to! I say "incomplete" because I still need to make half a dozen bags. Rather than having the rest of them sit here, they may as well be on display, especially given the season. I have posted a few pictures here of 2 of the bags in progess and complete.
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vilterietje said...

They are so great! love the colours and the layout both!
love, riet:)

Gifelt said...

Ma che bella questa borsa!

Unknown said...

I love the teal and copper colors! What did you use for the copper and what kind of fabric is laid on top of it?
I keep studying all your work hoping some of your skill will miraculously wear off on me.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Hi Karen!
The "copper" mesh is a soft synthetic fabric I picked up at New England felting Supply (it comes in lots of colours) the brown/rusty fabric is silk pongee (habitoi-6mm?) that I hand dyed.

Hooked On Felt said...

Love the spiky thing going on there Andrea! Very cool!

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