Friday, November 12, 2010

Workshop Announcement!

Yes! Finally...I have scheduled a "Pods" workshop at NEFS (New England Felting Supply in Northhampton, Massachusetts!). Details are being finalized, but I am sure they would love to hear from you if you are interested! I will also be teaching a fabulous bags class with 3D elements, like I taught last year and back in October here in Ontario.

I have been busy cranking out the scarves and making fun bags. I just love to play with the forms and shapes and can't wait to be in the studio this weekend uninterrupted by my driving duties!

I will also be thinking about an upcoming invitational show that I will be part of at the Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery in Pittsburgh (I love Pittsburgh!). Get is a teapot show. I had a feeling I would be invited and had actually done some sketches back in the summer. I have a great design and I'm ready to play. It will most definitely be fabulously non-functional.

I also need to decide how badly I want to enter the annual juried show at the Tom Thomson Gallery. I won the big award a couple of years back and have entered since, but with gallery production in full swing, not sure what I have in my reserve to create this week to mail by week end. Maybe I will surprise myself!

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Ginga Squid said...

Oh if only I lived nearer!

Laura Chu Burke said...

Yippeeeee - I can't wait to see the schedule!

vilterietje said...

hope your weekend is inspirational!
love, riet:)

swig said...

Your "veggies" are great! Greetings from Paris.

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time to relax
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