Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grant Application

This is how I feel when I look at grant applications. They seem so daunting and intimidating! I just finished one and had dusted off my hands all pleased that I was done for the year, or so I thought. Then came a phone call from the school board office from a wonderful, exciting, dynamic woman that I have met in my art travels. She has a wonderful idea and in order for the school board to fund this....grant time again. With the holiday, info did not come quickly, calls were returned in the new year and now I have a couple of days to get this out the door. Oh, it is very do-able, I just need to focus. So, this will be it for the day, and perhaps tomorrow while I get my stuff all filled out, revised and printed in 6x. Wish me luck. I would like to say the waiting is the hard part, but this is pretty painful too!

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time to relax
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