Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend happenings...

New Pod and...Pattycake helping with the paperwork

The weekend was kicked off with an evening out with my artist friends. What a small town I live in sometimes. Lots of fun people that I know from other circles all coming together in one place over drinks. Fun figuring out who we knew and from where. A late night followed by a web class with a student who also happens to be a friend that I have met at various felting events here and there. We made a pod, of course, and her dragon fruit inspired piece will be really something when she is done. I managed to complete mine and finish another after we we were done which was great.


Now that the paper work is done (for now, because we all know this is temporary!) I must turn to creating!! I need to focus on a new body of work and produce, produce, produce. Not in that mindset, about play, play, play. That sounds better. I have been gathering inspiration and with my new colour printer will create a space that I can hang the inspiration, one at a time,  and begin. I am not one to have a space cluttered with unfinished objects or a wide range of ideas or visual stimulation. I like a blank slate and the ability to focus on the work at hand and nothing else.

Tomorrow, I begin. I will keep you posted ;o)

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time to relax
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