Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Web Student

My soap shipment! 50 bars of my favorite :o)
I have had a great 2 days (3 hours each day) with a serial student, Julie. She already makes wonderful felt, but wanted some extra logistic tips on bags. Working independently on our off camera hours we were each able to complete 2 bags (sans handles, at this point). Kind of making some things up as we went, it was nice to work with such an easy-going soul. We made a tote first...I just threw on some stuff for surface design that is not so exciting, so have not photographed that one. The second one...
 I used a piece from a resist dyed scarf I made with Chad Alice Hagen. It was fully felted, but I roughed up the back really well with a sharp brush and it felted in, no problem at all. Amazing wool. The sides have little "tubes" that can be stitched for a ring and leather handle or a nice strip of leather can be fed through the "tube" and stitched....or a felted strap. Several options.


sewing in a zipper :o)

Well, it's my bedtime!! I will not be in the studio tomorrow, unfortunately. Too much running around to do and a hair appointment to get all beautified. Back in the studio Friday and I'll keep you posted.

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Karoda said...

The bag is fun and I love the colour...blues seem to be my vibe at the moment.

Unknown said...

It was great Andrea! I'm going to make my own metal attachments for the two bags so it will take me a bit of time, but I learned sooooo much. Thank you again!!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

You are so very welcome, Julie. Spending time with you is always a pleasure. I hope one day we will e face-to-face.

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time to relax
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