Saturday, January 19, 2013


Inspiration for me this week-A Stunning, huge wood carving by
A favourite question, is seems, is "Where do you find your inspiration". Come to think about it, I may have asked it more than once. I just now recall asking this of fabulous feltmaker and friend, Karoliina Arvilommi. Her answer: "tiny things that grow on rocks". A simple mentor speaks of "iconic" form. So interesting when you think if it. I wonder what is happening in our brain when we are inspired and why does this something in particular speak to us, drive us to create and hope that others will see what we see (in some cases- some artists do not care- or is that really true?)

That concludes the thinking out loud portion of this post.

What am I up to?

1.) Making lots of lists, it appears: Materials lists, things I need to spend money on lists, list of the lists I need to make.
2.) Organizing my travel schedule as spring approaches causing angst, guilt and desire for cloning.
3.) Making art. New art....

New Art
On the table today...almost ready to wet out

The biggest challenge for me this time of year are the practicalities of time management (yawn). Having just one day for "studio" between teaching, or running around days, or paperwork days, just does not work. I need lots of recharging time bigger blocks of creating time.

Well, the above piece beckons. I will keep you posted.

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Maureen said...

Thanks for all the posts you do Andrea, as a beginning felter it inspires me continually

I think the picture is a Chinese money plant as it goes to seed, that is what the little dots are

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Yes! It is...someone else sent me a message too (thanks, Carmella)! It looked very ceramic! Love it!

Joan said...

Love the 'honesty' plant it grows like a weed but those seed heads offer much to an artist.
Have a great 2013!

Threadpainter said...

I found you post very interesting in regards to lists,more lists and finding time.
Art is a constant struggle when 'life', in general, is the reason for our existence.
If only we could totally immerse ourselves in creativity.
Then we would probably be absolute bores.
All we can do is take those little niblets of ideas and run with them when the opportunity presents itself.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

So true...if I had every moment to create, doing so would not be so sweet.

Erica said...

Hi Andrea, I don't think I've commented on your blog before but this seemed a good post to start as you are one of my inspirations, I love your work.
BTW the honesty pod is a carved wooden piece by Liz McAuliffe, it's large about 40cm,

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

OH, THANK YOU for the link. Goodness, I hate to think I had an artist's work here without the proper credit. Something I complain about all the time! OI! It is amazing. Her work is amazing.

Unknown said...

Retirement is the answer to that quandary Andrea. I taught art for 23 years and since retirement my studio is my haven and my joy. Love your use of plants in your work.great stuff,

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time to relax
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