Saturday, January 5, 2013

Students: They came. They felted. They went.

What a great whirl-wind day. 4 wonderful women (we missed you Diane!) rifled through my ample stash, selected some fabulous stuff, and felted up a storm. You can never have enough time to design, but after cracking the whip ;o), I got a couple of them over the hump and felting. Wonderful, wonderful bags they made. So impressed with what they achieved. Leather straps are the finishing touch and 2 will be added at home, but everyone was smiling and happy with the full day! Thanks for a wonderful day, women. Until we meet again for vessels!

I am now having a glass of wine (okay, my second) and basking in the success of the day. The wet bubble wrap and mesh will wait until the morning and I will then move on to the reality that the regular routine is descending upon us here at home. Bittersweet.

space all ready to roll

materials outside the door to make space!
3 of my group, hard at work.


c'mon, slow poke ;o)

Oooooo :o)

Nice C-1/Pelsull...made a great sturdy bag!! love it. Silk hankies on surface!

All us crazy women. Yes, I am wearing a fascinator (uncommon)

Great bag (hiding dead give-away of a feltmaker- wet middle)


the other side of perfection

2 wonderful bags...straps to be added :o) Love them all!!
Thanks again...Nice to be back in the swing. G'nite ya'll.

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Lindy and Paul said...

Great looking bags!!!!!

caprejan said...


dogbaker said...

what a great fun day you all had and great looking bags

time to relax

time to relax
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