Sunday, January 24, 2010


Above: In the felting process.

My naughty dog, Bacchus, trying very hard to "stay". This is an example of what kind of image NOT to send to be juried into a show (don't laugh, you would be shocked by what people submitt!) This will be followed up by a proper stay tuned :o) It is also not quite done yet as it is drying and I am ready to layout for the next one. This took me a week start to finish, but that included all the "ropes and tails", so I am thinking I can make the other 2 this week although my shoulder and "tennis" elbow are whining at me.

100 followers? Wow...that's a blog milestone. I want to thank you all for following, being interested in what I am doing, and especially offering your comments. It's always nice to know when you put your stuff "out there", as we artists do, that someone on the other end "gets it". Of course, not everyone does, and that is okay too. Heck, even my husband looks at some things I have done and tilts his head and says "Sooo...where are you going with that?" The important thing is for me to know where I am going with it and not listen to all the "Hey, you know what you could make?"

Last night I:
-had dinner out with my husband
-signed and got ready to mail 2 teaching contracts
-packed up a felt sample and business cards/invitations to send to Chris White
-paid my Sears bill (okay, not art related)
-looked on-line for rates to get to Saskatchewan in June (something like April in Paris?)
-stuck little date labels on invitations to send to the gallery for March lecture.
-slept half the night in my sons bed who had a nightmare about terrorists.

Have a great the studio!!

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Villainen said...

beautiful. your blog is lovely.

Ginga Squid said...

I LOVE seeing the process and how your work evolves to the finished work.
I like seeing your doggie in the photo as it gives your pod some scale - I can see how huge it is!
Its fabulous!

Diane said...

It is a terrible that children should have nightmares about terrorists...what happened to monsters?
I love your pods. I fould a picture of some undersea plants and creatures that so reminded me of your work.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Yes, I agree, Diane...and we don't watch TV. I am fascinated by the undersea world. If you have not yet watched Planet Earth, you would love it! The cave one just blows my sock off!

Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right said...

Good morning Andrea,

Love your newest pod (and love the dog,too...Don't tell him he can't be in the jury pics...He's darling).

Hope your aches and pains are few today (elbow, shoulder, and people saying, "Hey, you know what you could make." That one made me chuckle...I've had some of the dog-gondest suggestions.)

Have a great day in the studio.


FELT 4U said...

I love your blog and your style.

time to relax

time to relax
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