Friday, January 15, 2010

Brick Wall

After a couple of days with healing hands and then meeting day and other work day...I am back in the studio. A week has passed, not sure how, and I have no time to waste. I paced around the studio and kept feeling like I needed to go check on other things in the house. My head jumped from one direction to another. I went to cut out a resist for a series of large pods that I have been sketching since last week and ended up holding in my hands a resist nothing like I planned getting ahead of myself. I feel disjointed and unfocused and it is making me nuts. Being so connected to my computer is clearly a procrastination technique, something I have done with varied degrees of success since childhood (the procrastination, not the computer!)

I ended up leaving the studio, but committing myself to making some decisions I was unable to do so close to my materials. This solo show causes me to consider many things I do not usually consider. Space, colour, how everything will look together given my choices. I am feeling pretty scattered and have noted that "how I work" changes with every piece; time of day, what I listen to, my frame of mind....I need to find the right way to "be" as each piece develops and go to whatever place that piece needs me to go. Being pulled in and out of the reality I call "my life" can be a hinderence to this process! It brings to mind the commonly asked question, "How long did it take you to make this?".

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dorie said...

Maybe your brick wall can be a starting point for a new serie? I know what you're mean - this uncomfortable feeling, coming to the right 'tricker' and finaly feel the flow for lots a artwork. I only know that just start felting small samples, doesn't matter what, always brings me something good. Wish you less stress.

time to relax

time to relax
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