Friday, January 8, 2010

Lay Out

I have begun the lay out of a new piece and rather than wetting out and adding the details today, I will wait until tomorrow when I have several hours that I can work without stopping. Once I start wetting this out, I anticipate it needing careful attention and focus. I will be entirely hand-rubbing this piece as I want to create and skin with the pelsull blend that will limit the migration on the finn onto the surface of the finished felt where the design will be. It is a base of natural black Finnwool and c-1/pelsull on the top. The design will be very simple done with yarn and a bit of hand-made prefelt. The rest of the day today, I will line up my pieces I have finished felting for the exhibit and get the hanging systems figured out. This always takes more time than anticipated, so do not want to leave this to the end.

Other things to do:
-Decide on images for submission to Lark's "500 Felt Objects" and complete submission
-Finish my GST tax form to send in
-Have look at paperwork for my work going to Italy
-review my exhibit budget/grant matters
-send contract and develop class for New England Felting Supply
-send project images for promotion for my teaching gig in Alberta

Note to aspiring professional artists....being an artist has more to do with business than art. Be prepared.

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Jasmine said...

I love readig about your process. Good luck with the exhibition.

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time to relax
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