Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where did the day go?

A line up of sculptures ready to felt! I have actually begun felting them and they are going to all be quite a bit smaller than shown once done.

My head piece for Body + Object has had a lovely long holiday traveling back and forth from mail truck to post offices and after sitting somewhere for a few days has resurfaced at a 7-11 on Dundas in downtown Toronto. Fortunately, Janna, the exhibition coordinator went and collected it and is installing it as I "speak" in the Ontario Crafts Council Gallery...all is well that ends well. She is going to install it head height with foot prints under so people can walk underneath and put it on....love it. I may have to attend the opening, but hate making the drive in the winter. I will see the show the following week when I go up, but openings are always so fun and I get to put on my public artists "hat".

Today, I woke up half an hour late so carted the kids to school in my PJ's and had to return home to toss on my skinny jeans and boots and a bit of makeup to head out to my Artists in Business meeting and then to a delicious lunch with some of my favorite crafts people, Jane, Carolyn, Lindsey and Betty. I always leave this group inspired and with lots of food for thought. We really are comrades in this crazy art business trying to figure it all out, creating balance, making with our hands and heart and trying to pay the bills. I am grateful for their support and encouragement.

Tomorrow I head to the gallery to have a look at my exhibit space, so I will either feel relieved or completely freaked. Stay tuned....

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time to relax
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