Saturday, January 9, 2010

Next Step...

Owwwie. My hands are hurting. I wet out the piece and have hand-rubbed today for about 5 hours and have lots more to go. At about 4 today I had that telltale sign that I had worn the skin of a part of my hand. It suddenly feels like you have hit something sharp. The good thing is that they heal very quickly. I am at a point that I have turned it upside down and am rubbing the back and can rub with a couple of plastic bags to save my hands for the next day. My husband popped in and, for the first time, helped me rub a bit. However, I think I scared him off because I was being bossy. I could never have an assistant rub felt for me. I am way too particular! Dinner to make and then, perhaps, back to check and see if it has felted itself in my absence!

I have just spent another couple of hours working. If someone asks if I did any needle felting, I will scream. (just a warning)

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GRISCHArte said...

It looks and sounds like hard work.
Nice design.

krex said...

I love the clean fresh lines and color...a nice break from my own muddled color explosions .

time to relax

time to relax
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