Thursday, September 30, 2010

Still playing...

I have sent the other hats off to Toronto, but could not help continuing to play. This hat is made from pure pelsull wool with c-1/pelsull detail (the red). I made a nice tight sturdy felt for sculpting- from New England Felting Supply.
As I mentioned...I am in "limbo" percolating the next "thing". Crazy creative process. Feeling blocked, but on the cusp. I know enough now that I just have to wait it out, keep my hands in the wool, connect with wonderful people (Thanks for the talk today, my dear friend) and what I feel passionate about. The rest will come when it is ready and not a moment sooner. This week I was asked to sit on an artists panel at a conference, obtained a possibly-probably agent (how's that for wishy washy), fine tuning materials budget for my Artist and Educator in Residence at Queen's University, and am considering where I will be traveling in the spring. I also started 2 pieces for the Agnes Etherington Arts Centre rental program that are Crap (note: capital "C") and will be recycled. Sometimes casualties are part of the process. Just the way it is. No worries.


Genevieve said...

I feel very encouraged reading about your creative process, ups and downs. So...thanks for blogging!
(And you make me long to look good in a hat!)

Sara Millis said...

Love your hats... very tempted to get the wool out if I have time this week and have a play!
Thank you for sharing your incredible work!
Sara x

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time to relax
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