Thursday, March 3, 2011

180 Degrees

It never fails. Trust in the process. Giving myself permission to take some time to just make "stuff" while I wait for devine inspiration from somewhere inside me. Eventually all the things I have been observing, thinking, hearing, bubble up to the surface and spill out onto my sketch pad into something that will hopefully evolve into some good art...whatever that may be. My next body of work. It has to be good to me, I suppose...that is all that is really important. If I am feeling it and believe in it..if I can maintain a clear but simple vision, it will be translated (another leap of faith we artists take). I have gone from slothly and questioning to seeing my next couple of years take shape. These cycles, if I were to be bother to track them, are likely very predictable. So would the impending doubt sure to follow, the frustrations in the studio, the pull of my "real"life when I am in it and the pull of my "art" life when I am not.

I look forward to visiting a feltmaking friend as I am headed into this transition. I'm not a "sign from above" kind of person. I think we create our own magic and so much occurs on a subconscious level and I think this 180 into a creative phase is happening at just the time it needs to. It has been a good week. I received a letter from Lark books and will have a piece in an upcoming book and also received a generous grant from the Ontario Arts third. I am teaching "pods" in the spring with the awareness (and anxiety) that I need to evolve and so, imagine that, I now am...

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Ginny Huber said...

I am finding these musings about your creative process
interesting, instructive,'s hard to find the right word at the moment.....but I admire how articulate you are about a difficult -to -put- into- words- subjective topic..and of course, I always enjoy seeing the beautiful work that emerges and evolves. Congratulations on the inclusion in the Lark Book!

Cami said...

It is so nice to know you are human. Can't wait to see what bubbles up.
Even your thoughts inspire others.
Thank you - Some day I hope to take one of your workshops.


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time to relax
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