Friday, March 11, 2011

In the Works...

Lots of wool. Lots of logistics. I am using my sketch as inspiration, but remind myself that, at some point, the sketch must be put aside so that I can focus on the materials... what they are becoming in three dimension. I am going to take my time with the layout and add more once I wet out. FYI, don't ask questions about this layout 'cause I am not telling ;o). Our water softener just broke, so I am reluctant to begin any wet out until it is replaced. I can add some softener, but really don't feel like adding additional variables if I don't have to. I will say I am using a few different wools including beautiful shades of natural grey Pelsull from NEFS (New England felting supply)

I have a couple of show committments coming up and a local juried show that I, in spite of seroiusly hating the venue, always enter. I am about to have a week off with the kids, so have grandeous ambitions of checking off a long list of things to do. While I fear I am kidding myself, I am going to give it a go and give myself permission to just do my best, enjoy being home with my boys and letting the rest go.

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time to relax

time to relax
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