Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home from Massachusetts

The wonderful mess!

Water + Wool Gallery

Ahhh, I am home. Just had a wonderful, fun weekend visit at New England Felting supply and with dear friend, Chris White. (do you have her book Uniquely Felt? If not, I highly recommend it)
The drive home (after a late night with 3 hours of sleep) was a bit dicey through New York with nasty weather. Then the GPS thought I would like to see the country side. While I appreciated the sentiment, I just wanted the road to magically be at my door. I had overdosed on Starbucks and my hands felt permanently molded to the steering wheel after the white knuckle journey. All worth it!
The gallery space, Water +Wool has installed a couple of my pieces and they looks so great (thanks, Linda!). Today I have some things to ship out, including my teapot to the Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery. I brought home some fabulous stuff and really look forward to beginning some new pieces! Stay tuned!

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Ginny Huber said...

I seem to turn up lately just after you've posted here! Glad the visit with Chris White etc was fun and the drive home ended well. I like her book a lot. And, just last night was looking into ordering some stuff from New England Supply..so it will be extra interesting to see what you brought home and what ends up on these pages.

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