Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's New

Still needs strap (corriedale, fYI)



back of bag I laid out while making scarves

Front (big flap)

felting (note the knit on the surface? It is from Jeannette Sendler of Scotland amde on her knitting machine)

Well, since Saturday, I have made 4 scarves and (almost) 2 bags. I have a meeting downtown today that I am trying to decide if I can attend. I am headed to Mass. to visit my dear friends soon. I have orders to fill, correspondence to catch up with...one of those days with a full plate. I could complain, but would not dare. How lucky I am that I get to decide what my day looks like :o)

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Unknown said...

Incredible bags Andrea. Thanks for showing the knit in the blue one .. that gives me a ton of new ideas. I love the white one ... it's so balanced and interesting. Your work is always wonderful.

vilterietje said...

unbelievable beautiful, love it:)

Ginny Huber said...

Again, a really enjoyable process journey..and marvelous outcomes; that knit texture looks great, too.

Gabriela said...

Your work is fabulous!

FabulousFelt by Kate Ramsey said...

lovely knit surface, shame that the nuances of lovely red/blue contrast were overriden slightly by the rest of the red wool. Great idea! Do you know Andrea how to machine knit then?
It is fun!!


Andrea Graham-Artist said...

The dense red area on on the flap is due to a variation in the knit pattern, not red wool.

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time to relax
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