Friday, March 25, 2011


Well, I was just reading over my list and, admittedly, progress is slow. I am being indecisive what to enter in the juried show and actually did a sketch yesterday of a new piece that may be it (added it to list)
My latest piece, finished last night, will be for my Kingston Fibre Artists show that will hang locally in about a week. I will miss the opening as I will be at away. I only had one piece in last year because I was hanging my solo show in another city. This year I have been a good girl and have several pieces (once I complete the hanging devices that are on that gosh darn list)
I had a hiccup in my picking up of materials as a couple of items are elusive. How can a dollar store NOT have spare checkers? What kind of made-in-china item is not in the dollar store... and no checkers? The dreaded Walmart, home of the off-gassing neurotoxin, will be my next stop. I know I can't be the only one that has an immediate asthmatic reaction upon the parting of the doors and receiving of the cart from the (saddly, elderly) "greeter". The whole experience is disturbing, frankly. But for checkers, I'll do it.

Scarves to be completed for Tuesday are but a fantasy, at this point, and my studio is an explosion of locks, silk, wet/cold towels and odds and bits all over like some wild felting party gone awry. I am going to head down there now, crank my heater, and get it all clean and pretty to begin tomorrow...or if I get on a roll until the wee hours. Ta-ta for now...

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time to relax
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