Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Kind of like, What-I-did-on-summer-vacation

Ginny commented on my last post wondering what I brought home from New England Felting supply while I was there. This is what I bought!

- full roll of uncarbonized prefelt (white)

-2 yards black prefelt

-some loose weave fabric bundles

-irish linen fibres (great little pack only $1.95)

-short fibre merino (strata collection) awesome for jewelry making- 15 colours for $24 :o)

-hand dyed corriedale (I bought to make a bag)

-Assorted merino tops in some brights for some spring nuno scarves

-some other sparkly stuff

-small bamboo cutting board to roll multiple ropes

-a big button for a hat my son wants me to make him

Oh, Fun!

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Ginny Huber said...

Wow! What a great group of "stuff" to add to your stash! Some of the smaller bundles of loose weave and linens etc really appeal, as often it seems hard to find small amounts of the textured stuff i also love to use..Thanks for the list!!And, enjoy playing with all this! Will look for their transformations i this (blog) space before long!

Kerry Heinzel said...

yes but what did the button look like?

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time to relax
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