Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And today...

 Patty demonstrated dislike for my layout by taking it out with a strategic tail swipe.

 Layout...adding a pocket for fun.

 Resist on, edges folding...
 Silk fabric all in place, ready to rub!

 Patty can't watch anymore.
 Cutting out resists and lots more work to go...

 Inside of flap- zebra, of course.

 Front all finished
 ...and the back.

Front of flap detail. Added a swirly black and white bead...the one that was in the sari silk was plasticy and tacky!

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Unknown said...

wow! its so cool!

Anu said...

as always---beautiful!!

Kathrin said...

So beautiful! Can't stop looking at all the details. Your cat seems to enjoy taking part in your work as well! I absolutely unterstand her! :)

Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right said...

Beautiful bag! And, the cat's design sense is fantastic ;-)

Carol said...

Andrea, your work is always beautiful and inspiring. I was wondering where you buy your beautiful silk fabric for nuno felting??

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time to relax
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