Friday, December 4, 2009

Before and After...

These are the scarves finished! I will post a couple of other detail images as you can't really appreciate them at this distance. The green one on the right is so pretty with a hand-dyed silk pongee. I think it was a piece that I bought at New England Felting supply as the ones I did had more yellow (a flavine yellow that bleeds like there is no tomorrow-whatever that means- so I am reluctant to felt into it). I sent 9 scarves and wraps to the Ontario Crafts Council guild shop moments (can you feel the excitement?) ago along with 40 photo cards. The wraps were awesome. I have to make one for myself!

Next pieces I need to work on are pieces for "Body + Object" at the Ontario Crafts Council gallery. I am thinking urban, spiky, inhospitable. Something that deters touch for the body (although we all know people will want to touch it) Umm, okay, as I am lost in my artsy youngest is out in the snow rolling a giant snowball wearing shorts. Anyway, back to art...I have to play with that idea..a contrast between texture and form...cashmere spikes? touch me/don't touch me. I think I am on to something.

I also received a call from Carolyn Butts if Bon Eco design about the felt she wants me to make for her high end automans. She is entering a design show in N.Y. and I now have a deadline...I will let her know Monday...Oh, I love my job (really!)

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Sweetpea said...

ooooh Andrea, these are so so PRETTY...I luv how I can click on the photos and see each one realllly big - just GORGEOUS!!

Jasmine said...

This is exciting. Your nuno wrk is beautiful :)

Gabi said...

Really wonderful, your scarves!

OliTa said...

Really lovely scarves ! Especially love the blue one, that green/yellow colour looks really great on it. Love the little holes in them too.

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time to relax
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