Monday, December 28, 2009

In Progress

I am working on a wall piece and thought I would share a bit of the process. I have been looking through a book of work by Hundertwasser and he has used this interesting ladder/spine form, albeit, differently and I found immediate inspiration. I made one piece in bright yellow and blue...2 reasons...1.) Hundertwasser and 2.) I am waiting for a wool shipment and short on my usual colours. This was good for me as I was working with colour and also with wools that are slower to felt. For this piece, I wet felted a prefelt from a gorgeous blue c-1/pellsull and have laid it on a background of some of my favorite Finn wool.

I have a neat tool called a Felt-o-Matic. I have not used it often, but it was just the right tool to make a small sheet of prefelt to cut my circles for the design as I did not want to get my surface wet again during my layout. This is sold by Dianne Stoutt and comes in a couple of sizes. No affiliation, just a great tool.

Anyway, there are some resists in there, which I did not do with the first piece. This is how inspiration goes. Give yourself permission to explore what you see out there, something that speaks to you, let it evolve and make it your own. I am looking forward to wetting it out today and adding the additional design...I will show you when it is done!!
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Tracy said...

Andrea I so so love speaks to me, and has inspired me to maybe get out some felt today with Sam. I love the inspriational trickle of this web world!

Thank you so much for the parcel - it was so lovely showing my people over the holidays....the work that took my name abroad this year! I emailed New England Felt to order a copy of the German mag - but my email keeps coming back. Will get to the bottom of that today perhaps....

Happy New Year to you....sending you a wish for peace and creativity,

krex said...

Lovely beginning, can't wait to see the end result .

I think the very nature of felt, begs for exploration and experimentation...always asking...what else can it do ? Thanks for being such an inspiration for newbies .

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

I've been dreaming of a felt-o-matic of my own. Glad to see such positive feedback. Will begin saving pennys immediately.

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time to relax
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