Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I will be sending my pod head piece to Toronto to the Ontario Crafts Council Gallery for the above show (runs from Jan 5-31st) and as well as another piece, a scarf made with merino wool...and steel wool. Looks like an amazing show. I will not likely go for the opening as I have to go to Toronto later in the month for a Board meeting, but will certainly check out the show before my meeting.

I have spent the last few days with holiday preparations and, with the exception of a couple of appointments, hope to spend lots of time in the studio working on pieces for "Adaptations", my solo exhibition in March (OMG, how friggin' long have I been saying this?) I have 6 weeks to get my master list into the gallery and it is looking pretty measly right now. I know it will get done! Oh, I received my Exhibition Assistance Grant...cheque arrived yesterday. I took a leap of faith and ordered my invitaions already with the OAC logo. Brave, huh? Livin' on the edge, that's me.

I also must already begin to think about my spring/summer teaching. I will be at New England Felting Supply in April to teach Dimensional Landscapes and Finn wool bags. If you are interested, I would suggest contacting them soon. I know they will fill quickly once officially announced. I have been fighting, and losing to, an eye infection. I will get it checked out today in hope I can get rid of the distraction. To the studio!!

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Pam de Groot said...

I'd love to able to visit the exhibition. The work looks amazing. Good luck with the preparation.

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time to relax
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