Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hey, we actually had one of these when I was growing up. My mom had a galley kitchen in our little house in Alberta Canada with lime green cupboards and a little window at the end that looked out onto the patio and the cherry bush.

I have spent the day working and have not touched wool. I am pacing about, taking notes, making sketches, doing google searches. I even took a trip out to my husbands shop for shot gun shells. I am percolating ideas for this "Body + Object" show that I have 6 days to start and finish work for. I have a back up idea, but would like to really have a solid piece that makes a statement. Not sure what I want to say...maybe I want to say too much. When we think of what we wear and what it communicates (or conceals). I am in about 10 directions. This is the hard part...

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Lindsey said...

Start touching the wool - it will send you in the right direction.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Wish it were that easy. I have to have a clear vision before I get to the wool, The layout often requires a sketch/map to plan the layers and elements.

Tracy said...

It will come when it's ready to reveal itself...and likely not one minute sooner :) The waiting part is hard, but when you know something is percolating, and something good is on the way....the focus turns to anticipation, rather than torture. Keep that 'space' open...and it will show.

I will bring your photos Sunday to NGB...unless you need them earlier. T

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time to relax
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