Sunday, December 6, 2009

Felted scarf suggestion!

I had mentioned how much I loved the green scarf I made (and sent to the Ontario Crafts Council Guild Shop). This is made from a length of hand-dyed silk pongee (wonderful lustre!) that I bought from New England Felting Supply They really know how long we need to start for a nuno scarf and their colours are amazing! While it certainly cost more, you really do have part of the "art" done. You will need to email them and ask what colour ways they have in stock. I have recently seen "kits" that are sold with a length of silk that is too short if you properly felt and full and want a nice length, but these silks from NEFS are super long and ready to go. Just lay on the wool and felt. Make sure you full it to a.) get the wonderful texture and b.) to complete the felting process!! I have lots of white pongee in my silk bin and keep thinking I should run a couple of dye pots. I have some Acorn's Journey orders to fill, some deadlines for things for exhibitions coming up (I better look at my planner!) before I can think about playtime with the dye pots!

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Chrissieday said...
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Dolphina said...

Seriously Andrea... I want to take a wrokshop with you when I become a Kingston resident!!! They're all magnificent!!!

Dolphina said...
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Unknown said...

Andrea, Your scarves are simply awesome! My needle felting seems so amaturish when I look at your creations. Many thanks for this latest blog. Eventually I will try the wet felting and a scarf would be such a cool project. You rock lady! ;-)

krex said...

I love all your scarves but this one has my favorite colors...rusty metal mixed with greening copper . Love it !

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