Saturday, December 19, 2009

In Situ...

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krex said...

Really gorgeous and belongs in this natural setting....couldn't talk him into wearing the loan cloth or shamans robe : )

Tracy said...

Love it magical!

I have been dreaming of holding some proof of the wonderful goodness you brought me along to see this year....any chance I could hold a copy this week-before going away for Christmas? No pressure - goodness knows none of us need more....just a little whisper in your ear, should you be in town this week:)

Ginga Squid said...

Hey - Andrea did you know Lark Books are doing one of their 500 series on felt - objects, wearables, jewellery etc. Submission deadline is 13th Feb.
Info is on their website at
You should submit some of your gorgeous works!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Yes, I know! Thanks...looks very exciting!

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time to relax
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