Saturday, December 12, 2009

Breaking Through

For days I have paced about, having a "great" idea and sketching it to find that after an hour that the idea is not as good as my "new" idea. I am finally proceeding with a piece for the Ontario Crafts Council exhibit (my second invitational exhibit at the OCC-the first being the toured "Elemental Connections") I need to have an image to the gallery for Monday (nothing like down to the wire!)

After toying around with several ideas that I may explore in the future, I have found I have to be true to my pods. On one hand I wonder if I am being safe, but I know that I still have that intense excitement in me for these forms. It is never routine, never the same challenges and even though I have a sketch, the piece will evolve as I build up the layers of this 3D headpiece.

I have never made a wearable pod. I can even see the image. After my Harvest installation, I feel that idea of the image has been a greater part of the work than it has been in the past. I have many ideas about photographing this piece on my head in many environments. It may be more cost effective for now to hire (or bribe) a model and photograph this myself than to be the model and hire the photographer. Well, now I am just getting ahead of myself...I have 48 hours to finish the felt (and start it!), let it dry and shoot it! Time to turn the heater on in the studio, add a splash of coffee to some cream and sugar, and get to "work".

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Sweetpea said...

Happy "work" days to you - really looking forward to seeing what you will create next! Am enjoying reading about your process.

Ginga Squid said...

Wow - that is cutting it fine!

BTW do you know Lark books are doing a Felted Objects book & looking for submissions?

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Oh, yes. I am entering for certain.

Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right said...

Oh, Andrea, I loved your "harvest" pieces where you were the model. If you can swing it, my vote would be to do so again. You are the perfect model for your creations. In fact, if you weren't such a wonderful felt-maker, I'd say you should go into modeling, but what fun would that be? Counting calories all the time...No cream or sugar in your coffee or even a biscotti to go with it!

I absolutely can't wait to see this piece! I love the processing that goes into your work, the visualization, the sketching, etc. It's fascinating...Thanks so much for sharing.

Take care,

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time to relax
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