Monday, March 29, 2010

Did it...

Yup. Did it. Bought a machine (again) from Feltcrafts . I did have one of their earlier machines and, at the time, did not (a.) have a specific plan for it's use and (b.) was not willing to spend the time for the learning curve. Anne and Don are fabulous and I adore them, so I am back! I have ordered a 60 inch machine. They have a variety of sizes and I feel very good about making the very affordable investment.
These machines don't save "time" per say and, I stress, you already need to know how to felt and read you wool. Although, for me now making many scarves, I can design while others are rolling and also save some wear and tear on my (currently aching) elbow and shoulder.
I just had a message from the OCC Guild Shop that I have the 2nd highest sales numbers for the month and sold 7 pieces. I find it amazing that people have purchased winter weight scarves in March, but hey, not complaining! Today I will finish 3 scarves on my table, photograph them all and tomorrow get them delivered to a friend who is taking them to Toronto for me :o). Then I get to lay out a bag for my class samples...felting, felting, life is nice!
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Unknown said...

Whoa! It reminds me of those old wringer washers that Mom had when I was a kid. There's still some of those around these parts if you're willing to hunt for them. I wonder if the wringers could be repurposed into something like this?

julietk said...

That machine looks like it will save your aching muscles :-) well done on your sales :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! That machine looks like it could save a few aches and pains! And those sales at the Guild Shop is truly a reflection of your talent. Cheryl

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Thanks, Cheryl (loyal student!)

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time to relax
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